I’m Michelle Wilson and I live and work in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado, United States. I’m from New York and was raised in Southern California; I grew up bi-coastal. I am a single mother raising 7 children. “It Takes A Village” is my philosophy, along with good old fashioned parenting with a firm but loving hand.
Being able to laugh at daily life, while dealing with it, is what makes it more manageable and feeling the need to spread my knowledge of life experiences, in my “less than politically correct” way, is how I’m going to do it.
If I can touch one person with an experience I have had or offer a way of doing something from another perspective, then I have done what I am feeling called to do.
I am a seasoned Real Estate Broker and REALTOR who renovates homes, holding a degree in Visual Space Design as well as a GRI in Real Estate. I also hold a Guinness World Record for the largest birthweight triplets in the U.S.  Painting is a passion of mine and I get to it when I can. My medium is Acrylic.
Website: SingleMomOf7.com 
Twitter: @SingleMomWith7
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Michelle xx
(photos: Vision Photography, Nate Photography)