Three Identical Strangers- No Review

I’ve just come home from seeing the documentary Three Identical Strangers in the movie theatre. I am not writing a critique or review for this film, but I am writing my own feelings as a mother of my own twins and triplets.
I am horrified, sickened and saddened by the separation of these babies after birth. This deranged experiment was an infuriating attack on the human rights of children and their adoptive families. The unconscionable separation of these identical triplets at 6 months old led to nothing less than destruction of well being. I hurt for these boys and how the loss of a triplet has affected them so deeply.
These sealed study papers hidden in the archives at Yale University until 2066 should be released immediately, in unredacted form, to the public, so that other multiple babies who were separated some time after their birth may find their identical siblings and be reunited.
I find it interesting that the Jews, of all people, would agree to participate in and hide such a thing. The study of these children as lab rats is disgusting and the current smug attitudes of the still-living people who knowingly participated in this is an abomination to their subjects. They should be held accountable in every way. Shame on Yale University for protecting such a horrid secret.


Single Mother of 7 kids who resides in the Denver Metro area of Colorado in the USA. Seasoned Real Estate Broker and Designer, Renovating Homes and Raising a Family on My Own. Feeling the need to spread my knowledge of life experiences in my own "less than politically correct" way. If I can touch one person with an experience I have had or a way of doing something from another perspective, then I have done what I am feeling called to do.

One thought on “Three Identical Strangers- No Review”

  1. I totally agree! I read about this story and it broke my heart! They used these men, as children, for an experiment they had no say in. Horrible!


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