Insomnia Bitch

I like to keep things positive because I’m a “glass half-full” kind of girl, so here is the one single thing I love most about Insomnia- the fact that I have built up a tolerance to Unisom, the only thing that helped me sleep.

People tell me if I go to the gym regularly and don’t eat anything before I go to bed that I will sleep better. They’re lying.

This is what I’m thinking about while I am awake for endless hours:

Were those four inch spikes I wore last November with the little black dress worth the pain I still feel in my ankle?

How long will my dog live and when she dies, do I have to split her ashes with my ex-husband?

It’s 3am and I could do an entire grocery shop at Walmart right now. No one would even know I’m gone.

I will have five or six kids in college at once. When I was cranking out all that cuteness, I only pretended to think about how to pay for it. How do the Mormons do it?

If I fall asleep right now, I will have a 2 ½ hour stretch of sleep before the house starts rocking with kids again.

Defrost the chicken.

Thailand seems nice.








Single Mother of 7 kids who resides in the Denver Metro area of Colorado in the USA. Seasoned Real Estate Broker and Designer, Renovating Homes and Raising a Family on My Own. Feeling the need to spread my knowledge of life experiences in my own "less than politically correct" way. If I can touch one person with an experience I have had or a way of doing something from another perspective, then I have done what I am feeling called to do.

2 thoughts on “Insomnia Bitch”

  1. LMAO right now. I don’t envy your sleeplessness but your humor about all of it will keep you a little less insane.


  2. I’ll send you my number. We can chat at night when we can’t sleep. LOL Get your hormones checked. Tweaking mine has FINALLY given me the sleep I need to keep me out of prison.


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